Telecom Business

       The Telecommunication segment generate revenues predominately form the maintenance, service and installation. We are mostly providing wireless voice and data services using time division multiple access (TDMA) technology. We installed recently TDMA network as the rural telephone services covered an aggregate population (POPS) in most area of Thailand territory (as in sub-district level). Our telecommunication team is continuing grow reputation along with long time experience and expertise.

         In addition, it has also been entrusted by the Marine Department and Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Co., Ltd. to operate the Vessel Traffic Management Information System for the first time in Thailand. This is considered to enhance the country’s water traffic management. The company has been responsible for system design, engineering supervision, installation, operation, maintenance. and ending with all network management services By continuing to adhere to the service guidelines for government agencies, state enterprises or general customers throughout the country, the company still maintains its intention to offer the best service and solutions to customers continuously. and ready to grow famous with experience and expertise in telecommunication

Information technology

        The purpose of this study is to develop and sell various IT products. We will work closely to ensure that our customers can provide software and computer equipment. Including database system, network design and support, system integration, consulting, web application or web portal design. It professional team related to all computers. Design and implement the best solution. This is a cost-effective budget, according to customer needs, using the world’s most advanced technology.

         advantage to provide a one-stop-station approach to customers’ business communication strategies. Our services include:


           As the largest investment came from government and state enterprises that are heading towards privatization; investing in database system, e-learning system as well as providing software application for develop the overall systems. Hence, government and state enterprises are our major client through bidding process. Although the competition is likely becoming more aggressive, our strong IT team believed that we can perform as a Thailand’s leading solution provider in future.

       Our company executives and members of our professional staff possess significant experience along with a sound knowledge of the requirements of Telecommunications, Data Communications and Information Technology users in Thailand. Our team 70 persons that composed of 30 Engineers and 15 System Analysts is enduring to understand customer business process and pledge to design a best solution using theirs proven expertise and knowledge.

       Whether you are a public or private sector organization, RTS (2003) has nationwide service & support capabilities available to serve you, if required on a 24 by 7 basis.