RTS (2003) Co., Ltd.

      RTS (2003) Co., Ltd. is a company that operates a system integrator (System Integrator) by providing design, procurement, development and installation services, including management. care about all systems related to telecommunication business and information technology. The company aims to provide the best solution with on-time service with high quality. for the maximum benefit of customers

General information

          RTS (2003) Co., Ltd. was established on July 24, 2003 with a registered capital of 100 million baht with its head office located at 404 Watcharakon Building. Sukontha Sawat Road, Lad Phrao Subdistrict, Lad Phrao District, Bangkok 10230 Thailand Operates the business of System Integration, which is to provide solutions for all kinds of telecommunication systems. and services including design and installation of telecommunication networks and information technology businesses both in terms of hardware solutions and software for government agencies, government organizations and private sectors throughout the country.

In terms of providing solutions, the company will provide support for complete solutions such as configuration, design, hardware and software products, installation, service and training using advanced technology. along with highly qualified technical staff, as well as partners and suppliers who have advanced technological products. and enhance efficiency as well as collecting the details of the preliminary requirements and adapted appropriately to meet the needs of the service recipient. The company aims to provide the best possible solution. along with on-time and quality service under the received budget For the maximum benefit of the service recipients, the company will closely monitor the work along with with clients at every step of the process, from conception, design, through to the implementation of each step. And supported by continuous maintenance, the company is ready to operate with professionalism. and friendly service. and information technology

The company has provided comprehensive system services to present to the organization. including the provision of telecommunication services and internet service which is the basic system of the public, government and private organizations apart from that in the category of computers and various network systems, the company has clearly presented Both in terms of the client and server network structure, network storage and application software, including corporate network infrastructure solutions, network management systems and other services. that will help the organization to have a better working efficiency Create a competitive advantage and add value to telecommunication data networks


“To be the key player in Telecommunication and information technology business”


“Delivery the job on time with high performance and quality”