Delivery the job on time with high performance quality

Telecom Business

Design, procurement, development and installation services as well as complete system maintenance management.

IT Business

Provide solutions for hardware and software

Application Development

Provide customer service throughout the project with our service and warranty team.

Sales Service

Consulting and providing services in various fields whether it is the design, development, preparation of the system.

System Integration

Hardware procurement service storage system networking network security system and other services related information technology.

Outsourcing Services

Supply various products high efficiency to be prepared to meet the needs of customers.

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        RTS (2003) Co.,Ltd. We are as a system integrator, conducts its businesses through Telecommunication and Information Technology. Our company aim is providing the best possible solution with on time delivery of quality service, within budget, for maximum customer benefit.
Our company executives and members of our professional staff possess significant experience along with a sound knowledge of the requirements of Telecommunications, Data Communications and Information Technology users in Thailand. Our team 70 persons that composed of 30 Engineers and 15 System Analysts is enduring to understand customer business process and pledge to design a best solution using theirs proven expertise and knowledge.


        Whether you are a public or private sector organization, RTS (2003) has nationwide service & support capabilities available to serve you, if required on a 24 by 7 basis.

RTS Partners

Who are in extremely love with eco friendly system.

Our Client

List of customers and works in various projects Company’s past both in information technology and telecommunications.


Who are in extremely love with eco friendly system.

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