IT Business

       The Information Technology segment is comprised of solution provider and sells a variety of products based on IT fields. We work closely with our customer to make sure we can provide not only software and computer equipment but also database , network design and support, system integration, consultancy, website/web portal design, and all related computerize issues. our strong IT Team committed to design and implements a best solution in a cost effective manner according to customer requirement using the latest technology available in a worldwide market.

        Our team is formed by a group of experienced IT professionals and management team. With the expertise and knowledge in networking, we would have advantage to provide a one-stop-station approach to customers’ business communication strategies. Our services include:


        As the largest investment came from government and state enterprises that are heading towards privatization; investing in database system, e-learning system as well as providing software application for develop the overall systems. Hence, government and state enterprises are our major client through bidding process. Although the competition is likely becoming more aggressive, our strong IT team believed that we can perform as a Thailand’s leading solution provider in future.